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Winnie’s bestie Tigger is a Cream Cake. An ideal first birthday show stopper. Minimum Weight 3kg....

Base: A sponge cake with a twist can be made in combination with vanilla rind, which gives it a tangy flavor and makes the cake amazingly delectable in itself. So you can imagine what would have transformed it into a magnificent cake.

 Cream: This coveted birthday cake in Gurgaon is carved in the shape of digit 1 as the cakes highlights first birthday celebrations.  Fluffy clouds are scattered all over the cake abutting the magnificent rainbow. A very scenic site indeed. Love the look and taste of the cake both.

 Topping: Oh my my! The child’s itself an infant so would be oblivious to the celebration but the lovely bright colors used in the name will being a million smiles on the face of the guests in the party. What more do you want? You wished your child to be the happiest person on the birthday and we’ll be more than happy in facilitating it.

Order cake online in Gurgaon for the convenience of not taking your 1-year-old child to shop for the birthday cake.  Winnie and Pooh manifests the typical friendship bond between besties.

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