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The Red Velvet Cake is a typical velvet cake made in combination with cream cheese frosting. And yes topped with robust white flakes.....

Devour it to savor it. The pleasing sense of the cake will arouse the desire to have many more. Red color manifests love, warmth, affection. It's time to strengthen the bond. This cake will facilitate in cementing the bond. So order the cake to convey the emotions.

Origin: The cake’s supposed to have originated in the Victorian era. Especially during the World War 2 when the supply of food was rationed, bakers used beet root to extract the natural red color which they mixed in the sponge to a get solid color.

Composition: Base of the cake is the typical red velvet sponge. Icing used in the cake is the classic cream cheese and the cake’s sprinkled with grated white flakes to enhance the experience.

This can be the birthday cake to celebrate any occasion. A perfect cake for anniversaries, valentines, wedding etc.With the delight of this cake, one’s loved ones will be mesmerized.

Today red velvet has many variations such as made in combination with frosted cream cheese and also at times with the traditional whipped cream. Type of icing used will determine the costing and pricing of the final product. Amongst the best selling Red Velvet Cakes in Gurgaon only at Tasty Tweets.

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