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Super Spiderman FONDANT Cake is a favorite from Marvel comics. The mighty spider spins around monstrous spiders to protect mankind....FONDANT Cake Minimum Weight 4 kg.

Spiderman is a character adored by kids like anything. But this is a cake with the same theme with a twist though. The spiders shown are actually edible, even on the imposing “8” digit displayed on the cake. The highlight of this cake is the magnificent age of Super Spidy.

Base: A pleasant cake, which is scrumptiously delicious as it’s baked by our extremely talented culinary team at tastytweets. We are here with a purpose – to please our clients with the ultimate talent in baking and designing the best birthday cakes in Gurgaon.

Icing: This is a 2-layered cake, awesome with the bottom layer in blue, portraying buildings in black, then the 2nd layer, with the face of the spiderman in red and the web displayed on it in black.

Topping: Spiders are shown crawling all over the cake, be it on the base or on the huge digit depicted on the top of the cake.

Even if Gurgaon is famous for it’s traffic, if you order cake online in Gurgaon, you can save yourself from this hassle.

Super Spiderman 
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