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Spaceship Shuttle is made in chocolate truffle and adorned with various sugar planets, stars, sun and space shuttle. It's a non fondant cake. Minimum Weight 3kg.

This cake is a total winner, as many people like chocolate and this cake is made of chocolate truffle. The theme is also space, so girls and boys alike will like it, especially the ones who aspire to become astronauts. So order cake online in Gurgaon from sincere people like us, who believe in sheer products.

Base: The base of this cake is a circular chocolate cake, with all the icing in it. The icing of this cake is in chocolate truffle, so it’s chocolate and lots of chocolate. So chocolate lovers will have a treat with this birthday cakes in Gurgaon.

Topping: The toppings are made out of crystallized sugar. The space ship shuttle itself, all the orbits of the universe, all the other planets of the galaxy etc. are beautifully done with sugar coatings. The cake is adorned with twinkling stars at the sides and also in between the orbits. Seems like the entire universe has come alive through this cake. Ideal for space lovers, who love the mystery surrounding it. The bottom edge of the cake is embellished with a thick border of chocolate truffle.

Order cake online in Gurgaon, as it’s the most convenient thing to do!!! 

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