Soft Chocochips

Subtle and soft chocolate chocochips cake. Typical chunks of chips are layered and sprinkled `in the cake to create an enriching experience.

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Soft Chocochips

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Subtle and soft chocolate choc chips cake. Typical chunks of chips are layered and sprinkled on the cake to create an enriching experience. It's a sumptuous cake and completely rolled in Chocó chips. Treat ones dear ones with lots of goodness and warmth by presenting this cake on special occasions.


Main ingredient of the cake is choco chips. Chocolate Chips were first created in 1937 and were further popularized by Nestle which mixed it with chocolate bars and cookies. These were a huge success and laid the foundation to be tried with cakes. Apart from basic chocolate other chip flavors include peanut butter, mint etc.


The cake's base is in chocolate and is made in combination with frosted cream. In addition abundant serving of choco chips is put in the layering and also sprinkled on top of the cake. White glaze is flipped to create a curvy design on the cake. Chocolate garnishing is symmetrically placed to make the cake alluring.

 For choc chips Chocolate Cake you can place order with our bakery. We make one of the finest cakes in town. The cakes a combination of dark chocolate chips with magnificent cream, taste of every bite is enhanced by the crunchy and crispiness of the choc chips.

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