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Six Months is a CREAM cake. Minimum Weight 1kg.

It is a cake for celebrating a child 6 months old. ½ is displayed on the cake in bold red letters. It’s a single-layered cake in a cylindrical shape.  A cream cake with multi-colored sugar sprinkles on the sides as well as on the top, which resembles tiny bits of grated paper. The bottom is encircled with a thick dropping.

Base: Usually the base of any cake is soft and subtle, but tastytweets has the capability of transforming the ordinary into extraordinary, hence even our basic sponge just melts in your mouth. Birthday cakes in Gurgaon must have never tasted so good to you before, only because it was not from us.  

Cream: It is just a 1 kg. cake, but seems like much more, that’s the specialty of this cake. Order cake online in Gurgaon and have the best birthday party of your life. The birthday cake is the stellar of any birthday party and if it’s ordered online from us, it offers convenience along with elegance. Another good thing about us is that even if we offer convenience, we don’t charge exorbitant charges. All are cakes are reasonably priced and affordable.  

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