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Royal black forest cake is an extension of a typical black forest cake. It's enriched with copious servings of real cherry along with plentiful chocolate garnishing....

The creamy, flossy and moist pattern of black forest cake is a mouth watering pleasure. To buy Black Forest Cake in Gurgaon please place the order for this exciting cake.

Origin:The cake owes existence to the Black Forests in Germany. It also derives its name from the famous liquor in the mountain range in Germany. Although the cake is an extension of the typical and constant regular black forest cake. The cake’s enriched with additional cherries and enhancements.

Composition:Base of the cake is in chocolate. Each layer is covered with sumptuous and delicious frosted cream treated in opulent fruit filling. The cake’s ringed with an ornate chocolate wall on the sides and red bursting cherries are placed all around the circumference. The centre of the cake’s stacked with rolled and curled chocolates. Little icing powder is showered on the cake. The cake’s available in both egg and eggless.

The fusion of red luscious cherries with frosted whipped cream makes for a lethal combination. An ideal cake for events like birthday’s, anniversary, wedding etc. The cake manifests warmth, passion, zeal and ardor.

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