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Rocky Road Fudge cake is truly divine. It's a sumptuous mix of crispy cookies, dark chocolate, vanilla extract, grated nuts, gems and many more. Sweet and pleasant is the cake in essence. It's a moist chocolate cake which has a dense chocolate collection. The flavor flows through every bite and makes you yearn for just more. To order this Chocolate cake online in Gurgaon enable us to offer the best.

Origin: The word "fudge" seeks relevance to a term used in South America which means dense, opaque, and thick. Although generically texture of fudge and brownie overlap.

Composition: The base of the cake is in chocolate. The layering of the cake is covered with choc chips, hazelnut paste, crunchy Oreo and truffle ganache. Crest the cake with colorful gems, sugar coated stars and caramelized powder along with hazelnut paste looped on the cake. Oreo wheels are placed on the sides. Eggless cake also available on choice.

The cake's so opulent and succulent and super easy to make making it the promoted choice for bakers to make. If budget is not a constraint then the cake can be topped with marshmallows, walnuts, condensed milk etc. It's a splendid cake which will titillate the taste buds and create an eternal yearning for more.

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