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Rich Truffle Cake is made in combination of dark chocolate with caramelized cashew nuts. A joy to treat and pleasure to eat. The exquisite taste can do plethora of wonders wonder to the gastronomes. Delve in the cake and dig out the sponge. Our Cake Shop in Gurgaon makes one of the most contemporary chocolate cakes.

Origin: Dark chocolate dates back to 3000 years. There on bitter dark chocolate evolved for medicinal and solemn purpose. There are numerous health benefits of dark chocolate like powerful source of antioxidants, maintains blood pressure, nutritious etc.

Composition: The base of the cake is chocolate sponge. The top of the cake is frosted with molten chocolate and flattened around the cake. The cake’s draped and layered in delectable and pleasurable chocolate icing. Copious servings of caramelized sugar nuts are sprinkled on the surface and covered with symmetrical chocolate net. The sides have a flat radiant finish which gleams shimmer and gloss. Every bite of the cake is a mouthwatering delicacy. The cake can be customized in different symmetrical and symmetrical shapes.

A chocolate cake’s are very sought after in gifting these days. Similarly chocolates are equally sought after to gift to special ones. Additionally a personal and pliable message on the cake is always desired to mark the impression.

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