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Regular Red Velvet cake has typical moist and luxuriant sponge base made in combination with frosted lush cream. Refreshing alternate to the typical Red Velvet cakes. Bored with regular flavors and looking for something different, the misty structure will surely make you clamor for more. The candied taste of this red velvet will assuredly impress the revered.

Origin: Velvet cake is believed to have originated in the Victorian era. Bakers used boiled beet juices to enhance the color of this cake. Beets were and are still used in some recipes as a filler or to retain moisture. Cream cheese frosting and butter cream frosting are variations which have increased in popularity. The cake became popular again after the release of the film Steel Magnolias (1989) where red velvet was the groom's cake. Although the cake is available at various Online Cake Shops in Gurgaon but the one made by ours is unique.

Composition: The base of the cake is in red velvet sponge. This cake is made by mixing red velvet crumbs with frosted   non dairy cream. The top of the cake is dusted with white chocolate flakes which when eaten with finely   grated red velvet crumbs leaves an enduring taste.

This can be the best birthday cake to one's loved ones. An absolute cake for anniversaries, apology,   celebrations etc. The cakes made exclusively by our Cake Shop in the city.

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