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Coffee freaks will fancy the delightful punch of a mocha cake. Perfectly moist and lush cake which extracts subtle flavors from fine cocoa essence and granulated coffee. It's a moist and decadent cake with Mocha icing. Order it from our Cake Shop and create a sensation in the party.

Origin:Mocha cakes are inspired from traditional British coffee cakes which are normally eaten in combination with butter icing. Although walnuts can be commonly added to a coffee cake.

Composition:The base of the sponge is in chocolate. 2 layers of the sponge are supplemented with smooth and whipped mocha cream. Mocha icing is made by mixing either finely granulated or powered coffee with the non dairy cream. The former will have a grainy texture so would the cake and the latter would have a suave and a smooth finish. Once the icing on the cake is done then the surface can be dusted with chocolate/coffee/mocha powder and then with the help of the keep pattern in blocks can be made on the cake. The cake can be embellished with garnishing of different shape and sizes.

For Mocha cake lovers this is the portal to eternal gratification of our taste buds. Apart from this cake other flavors can be caramel cappuccino, walnut coffee, hazelnut cappuccino and many more.

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