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Moist chocolate sponge topped with chocolate flakes fit to be your chocolate cakes treat today. The cake is an extension of Chocolate Cream Cake. Nowadays since customers don't prefer very creamy cakes this cake befits their requirement. It's fun to delve into freshly grated chocolate flakes with the cake. Crunchy & crazy flakes when eaten in combination with sumptuous and soft chocolate sponge leaves yearning for only more.

At Tasty Tweets the cakes are made fresh and so is this cake. Since cakes are made fresh just before delivery it's a gastronomic treat for the customer. The cake once bitten shall sink & melt in the mouth and it has a rich taste which can really make you yearn for the taste all throughout. To order Chocolate cakes in Gurgaon allow us to service the best.

Origin:The cake is an extension of a regular chocolate cake so must have evolved from it.

Composition:The cake can be made both in egg or eggless. In addition to a regular chocolate cake copious servings of chocolate flakes are sprinkled on top. Finally centre of the cake is lopped with juicy and moist red cherry. It can be layered with choco chips to provide a fulfilling experience.

The cakes resplendent with cherry and flakes on top which radiate state of happiness and joy. Can be customized in different shapes and sizes to suit different celebrations.

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