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The cake's made in Chocolate Truffle. Minimum Weight 2.5kg.

Base: This is a pound cake, which is fluffed up well. A cake, which is absolutely yummy and melts in the mouth just like candy floss. We make our cakes by putting our hearts and soul to it. Our cakes are our honor and pride.

Cream: This birthday cake in Gurgaon is ideal for the 4th birthday of the child. The cake is carved in a rectangular shape. It’s sewn with hand-felt edible grass grown around the racing track. The cake’s base is in chocolate truffle, a favorite amongst kids. Digit 4 is minted on this rectangular shaped chocolate truffle cake. The sides of the cake are adorned with pebble colored mild gems.

Topping: Multi colored racing cars are positioned differently all around the racing track. What a treat for racing car fans? Be it a kid or an adult. Please take our word, if the person is a racing enthusiastic, you should order cake online in Gurgaon from us. Colorful gems manifest jubilation, elation and triumph for the winner. Striking colors peps up the spirits and keeps the teams stimulated. Even the crowd is exhilarated and delighted in such a genial abode.

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