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It’s a Fondant cake. Minimum weight 3kg.

We have many cakes on this theme, so by now you’ll must have understood that the Peppa Pig theme is very popular. In this cake we are trying to showcase a scene, wherein Peppa Pig has gone to town to party. This cake looks so dainty and cute with a little pink and white colored mat spread on the ground in a green pocket with 2 trees in the background.

Base: A circular angel cake, which is soft like an angel’s skin would be. Our birthday cakes in Gurgaon will never fail to impress the guests at the party. It’s become a tradition now that cakes are an integral part of any birthday celebration and we are actually privileged to be in the cake-making business.

Cream:  The whole top layer of the cake is painted in green to show the green pocket. In the middle of this is Peppa pig comfortably placed on the mat, with a small 3-tired cake to commemorate the occasion.

Topping: The sides of the cake is done in blue showcasing the sky with the sun and the stars pasted on it.

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