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The topping contains chocolate solids, gems, caramel nuts, glazed chips which when had in combination with a soft chocolate cake designs a topmost chocolate pudding. It's a beautiful and stunning cake adorned to grace the event. The cakes taste is awesome and both a visual & gastronomy treat for the guests.

Origin: The cake cannot be attributed to any particular lineage but it's an eclectic mix of truffle cake, 5 star cake, dry fruit cake etc. The super sumptuous cake will definitely prop the party. Shower affection by getting the cake from our Cake Shop.

Composition: The base of the cake is in chocolate. Layering is done with whisked cream in combination with gems, chocolate chunks, choco chips and caramelized nuts. The cake's then covered with dark truffle and allowed to set in the freezer. Once set the cake's surface is sprinkled with the finest ingredients like powdered sugar, gems etc. In our bakery the cake is greatly admired and looks immensely alluring. Eggless cake is also available.

The cake is very popular specially amongst small children & youngsters and ideal for gifting.. The colorful sight of gems makes the cake appealing and attractive. There's a feast in every bite.

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