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Naked Truffle cake on the sides is raw. Sides are adorned with chocolate nuts. A pleasure to eat and munch. An opulent naked chocolate cake virtuously deserves a lavish party. Ours is amongst the few Cake Shops which offer an extensive range in naked cakes.

Origin: Naked cakes started becoming popular in 2013 and have been going steady since then. These cakes rose to popularity with wedding cakes although initially the bride and bridegroom weren't convinced with the theme. Gradually as bakers worked towards refining the appearance of the cake the acceptability grew so did the popularity. Today these are made in different flavors such as truffle, black forest, fresh fruit, pineapple etc.

Composition: Although naked cakes rustic and naive looks add to its discerning appeal but in order to have all edges even the wastage of sponge is very high. Basic recipe is same like any other cake just that the icing will be skipped on the sides. For icing we may use dairy/non dairy cream, butter cream, mascarpone cream etc. The texture and finish of the sides will vary depending on the kind of sponge and cream being used.

This cake can be made in combination with almond flakes, raspberry, hazelnut etc. 

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