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Marble Crunch cake is a light chocolate cake. It's made in combination of light chocolate, vanilla, choc chips, razed almonds etc. Creating the perfect dessert shouldn't be difficult.

Origin: The cake originated in the 19th century in Germany and then made its way into America with German immigrants before civil war. The chocolate frosting was loved specially with razed almond sprinkle on the sides. There can be variations made in the cake like the one with check board pattern of light and dark colors. Do order this cake from our Cake Shop in Gurgaon.

Composition: The base of the cake is chocolate; the layering is smeared with truffle. The cakes covered with lush cream and covered with white frosted gel to give a glazed semblance to the cake. Very adroitly black glaze is sprinkled on the cake so as to give a granulated look to the cake. On the sides carved pieces of almond are placed along with Chocó chips.  There would be a dropping of truffle on the sides. In the end hand crafted garnishing will be placed on the cake to give it a commensurate finish.

Whatever the occasion birthday, anniversary, party, festivity, engagement - there is this cake for the celebration to remember.  Audaciously appealing and crunch.

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