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Insane Racer's is a Cream cake. Embellish with hand felt grass and rusty pebbles all along. Minimum Weight 2.5kg.

Base: It’s a magnificent sponge cake, lovely to the core. We believe the birthday cakes in Gurgaon should be deliciously and comprehensively, not only the icing but also the bread has to complement the taste. The cake’s hand-felt grass looks marvelous and enhances the picturesque beauty of the cake. It’s crazily and simply unbelievable. Our craftsmen use special techniques to create this effect and the outcome is totally mesmerizing.

Cream: The silky soft green colored cream looks marvelous and we assure you that the taste will also be finger-licking. Order cake online in Gurgaon and enjoy this spectacular luxury. Two racer cars are shown in blue and pink on the tracks. This cake is a masterpiece in itself. We make our cakes delectably soft and concentrate on its looks as well as the taste. Compromise is not what we relate to and we believe that you deserve the best, be it your birthday or for your loved ones.

Topping: In the middle of the track, 3 pebbles are carved and below it the message “Happy Birthday” is minted. The name of the birthday boy or girl is placed in blocks on the base.

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