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It has layers of suave hazelnut and truffle with a spiced up finish. Warmth and bitterness cuts beautifully through the rich density of the cake.  An irresistible blend of hazelnut and chocolate truffle cake filled with an invigorating ganache. Unforgettable treat for hazelnut lovers.

Origin: Hazelnut is known world over for its amazing taste and is believed to be used since over thousands of years. Hazelnut filling is available with varying level of hazelnut from 10 to 50% and so does the price. Hazelnut in cake has gained popularity immensely in the last decade. Ours is one of the few cake shops in Gurgaon which offer an extensive range of hazelnut based cakes. 

Composition: The base of cake is in chocolate although in case of flavors like hazelnut cappuccino the base is vanilla. Truffle blended with hazelnut is filled in the layerings and then the cake is draped in chocolate ganache & put in the fridge to set and cool. Thereon the cake's taken out and hazelnut paste is dribbled on the cake to create a devious pattern. Along with an appropriate garnishing and succulent cherries/strawberries the cake's ready to be savored and devoured.

Few bakeries also put hazelnut fruit in their cakes although the choice can vary depending on the locality and pricing. The cake offers a heavenly and divine experience....

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