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This is a 3-dimensional and a grand cake with a glamourous look. Lovely glam doll adorns the top of the cake. The sight itself is so pretty and the doll itself a beauty. The cake does immense justice to the dolls because even the cake is a masterpiece.

Base: In the utterly buttery sponge cake, there’s nothing missing. Awesome and truly fantastic. A cake with a kind of sophistication and style. A 3- tiered birthday cakes in Gurgaon can feed more than 100 people. The gowns of the dolls are intricately done with minute details. The facial features are also done in detail and stand distinctly. The entire cake has got spots on it in white with purple borders.

Topping: The glam dolls have golden hair and stand slender & perfect in their gowns. All these features make this cake picture-perfect. Each letter of the name is posted on a popsicle and makes the name distinctly visible.

If you want a cake instantly, then why don’t you order cake online in Gurgaon? It’s the best way to get it instant. It’s a cake with an admirable combination of colors, this cake can conveniently prevail the heart of the dazzling princess.

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