Fruit Cakes

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  1. Regular Strawberry Non Chocolate
    Regular Strawberry
  2. Maska Chaska Non Chocolate
    Maska Chaska
  3. Grated Pineapple Cake Non Chocolate
    Grated Pineapple Cake
  4. Regular Pineapple Non Chocolate
    Regular Pineapple
  5. Regular Mango Non Chocolate
    Regular Mango
  6. Regular Blueberry Non Chocolate
    Regular Blueberry
  7. All American Banana.... Non Chocolate
    All American Banana....
  8. Pina Colada Non Chocolate
    Pina Colada
  9. Regular Fresh Fruit Non Chocolate
    Regular Fresh Fruit
  10. Premium Pineapple Non Chocolate
    Premium Pineapple
  11. Naked Fruit Cake Non Chocolate
    Naked Fruit Cake
  12. Refreshing Strawberry Non Chocolate
    Refreshing Strawberry
  13. Cassata Non Chocolate
  14. Traffic Jam Non Chocolate
    Traffic Jam
  15. Naked Pineapple Cake Non Chocolate
    Naked Pineapple Cake
  16. Royal Cherry Non Chocolate
    Royal Cherry
  17. Exclusive Blueberry Non Chocolate
    Exclusive Blueberry
  18. Nutty Fruit Non Chocolate
    Nutty Fruit
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18 Items

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Want Fruitcakes in Gurgaon: Place an Order with us

Fruitcakes are good for any occasion, be it Diwali or Christmas or for that matter any other occasion. Cakes are liked by all both children and adults. Nevertheless, if it is under baked or over baked, then the texture and look of the entire cake changes. We understand how important it is to bake the cake at the right temperature in the oven, as cakes manifest emotions. You may order a fruit cake on your Dad’s 80th birthday considering fruit is liked by all and pleasant to savor. The cake and the picture of this occasion will always remain etched in the memory forever and so will the emotions also. If you want a special design, you can always let us know and we shall be more than happy to hand craft it for you.

Fruit cakes in Gurgaon are a favorite amongst many

Fruit cakes in Gurgaon are liked by many people, as in this cake copious serving of fruits are used. Therefore, you can choose the cake as per your favorite fruit. These Cakes are made per the seasonality of the fruit ie strawberries and black grapes are more commonly available during winters unlike kiwis which are available all throughout the year. For example, we have cakes made from pineapple, strawberry, blueberry, mango, banana, mixed fruit, dry fruit variety etc. Hence there’s a wide variety to choose from. We love to serve our clients as per their requirements; if there’s time in hand, we can make a made-to-order cake too.

Now online cake order in Gurgaon is possible with us

Suddenly you want to order a cake for your colleague, as she doesn’t want to celebrate her birthday, since her dad is unwell. What do you do now? As your boss won’t allow you to go and get a cake from the market, as there’s a lot of work at hand then we can help you. Just place an online cake order in Gurgaon with us and we’ll ensure that the cake reaches you within 2 hours.