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This cake is lapped with soft and sweet blueberries that are jammed between layers of white moist sponge.

This tempting cake manifests contemporary taste and tang. This tarty sweet and pleasing cake is even and sleek in consistency. This single tiered cake is grand. The top layering is covered in whipped cream and rustic blueberry. The cake is amazingly awesome and delicious.

Every crazy bite makes you feel divine amidst the sumptuous treat.

Origin: Blueberry fruit is used to make ice creams, pies, cakes, puddings etc. The fruits use in desserts traces its origin to the late 19th century. Its popularity grew simultaneously in Germany, Canada and the United States. In Europe blueberry fruit is quite popular and has similar characteristics as of a blueberry fruit.

Composition: Base of the cake is in vanilla. Blueberry fruit filling with noticeable pieces of the fruit is used in making the cake. Each layer of the cake is gelled with whipped cream blended in the taste of blueberry. Surface of the cake is embellished with a smooth texture of blueberries blowing out.

It’s one of the most sought after Fruit Cakes in Gurgaon. In India the cake sought popularity in the early 21st century and has been growing tremendously since then. Order this cake and amaze the discerning foodie with this splendid pudding.

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