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Dragon Fly is a Fondant Cake. Guarding the mountains amidst the scenic beauty. Minimum Weight 3kg. You are about to greet an untamed dragon. It’s party time and be the talk of the town with this magnificent Fondant cake.

Base: It’s a beautiful pound cake with a lovely texture and color. A delight to cake lovers to experience its magic and aura. Birthday cakes in Gurgaon, have a story to tell.

Cream: The theme’s about a dragon, so the dragon is definitely present and crowning the cake over the contrasting background, showcasing a land with mud and pebbles of different colors, where dragons are found in abundance. Grass and fauna are shown depicting the sides of the cakes. The message ‘Happy Birthday’ embossed in blue looks sensational. Colossal pine big trees shelter the background. The dragon looks naughty and mischievous, but at peace with itself. There’s a big white pebble next to him.

Order cake online in Gurgaon now and see how convenient it’s to order cakes. It saves you time and money at the same time. So got for it and make the entire family ecstatic and elated. Get such a beautiful cake just sitting at home . Making a cake like this seems like a conquest, go through discrete adventures, valiant combats and audacious rescues to bring each color to life.

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