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Doraemon's on a roll is a Fondant cake. It has all Doraemon, Dorami and mini Doraemon's. Minimum Weight 3kg.

What a family feeling when you see this cake? There’s Doremon, Dorami and mini Doremons. They are having a gala party time on this cake and so should you with this cake. Our aim is to bring friends and family together with our birthday cakes in Gurgaon. The bond ness should grow between family members at events like birthdays/events. This is what is exactly manifested through this cake, the joy and happiness one feels with one’s family members around. These are the cats of the millennium. Have a pocket in the stomach and many gadgets. It’s important to be a positive leader in our family. We all want to adhere and feel welcomed.

Cream: The entire cake is decked with blue cream – Doremon’s color. Only the character Dorami is in yellow, all others are in blue. There are multicolored colored gifts flickering and glimmering in front of the cake.

 Topping: The sides are etched with brightly colored balloons and incandescent balls on the base. The age of the birthday child blazes in the front of the cake.

 Order cake online in Gurgaon this time and see how time-saving it is!!!

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