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Doraemon and Dorami is a spectacular cake.... made by our bakery in Gurgaon. It's a cream cake. Minimum weight 3kg.

Doremon is a very popular cartoon character, which invariably all little kids have grown up watching. Hence this theme is quite popular. It’s an amazing creation by our culinary team and would endorse you to try it. Dorami although she’s 2 years younger than her brother but she’s considered to be a more advanced and smarter robot than him. She’s also more noble and kind as compared to the latter.

Base: Staple vanilla or the frolic chocolate is the base, but either of it is created with loads of love and sincerity. We are here to present our customers with the best cakes ever, so that after eating our cakes they yearn for only more. She’s more responsible

Cream: The entire edge of the birthday cake in Gurgaon is embellished with edible green painted grass. There are yellow and blue flowers dotting this thick hedge.

Topping: In the middle Doremon and Dorami are partying cheerily and gleefully. The sides are intricately designed, with red and yellow vertical sections of symmetrical dimensions drawn on the cake. The entire look of the cake is exceedingly colorful and exquisite. Order cake online in Gurgaon today!!!  

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