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Dora the Explorer is a cream based cake. Dora's all set to travel the world. Minimum Weight 2kg.

Base: This base of the cake has to be spread horizontally, as then only the design can be displayed in its full grace. It’s a beautiful pound cake, which is moist and soft both. Take a bite of it and it’ll just melt in your mouth. We understand the products, as we employ a lot of time researching the intricacies involved in making the cakes.

Cream: The cream used is consistent in quality and one of the finest which we use in the cakes. Cakes make peoples’ faces beam with joy and the taste of the cream should make you crave only for more. And this is exactly what we do – make a cream cake that makes them yearn for more and we advise you to  order cake online in Gurgaon today and experience this splendid luxury.

Topping: The shape of this birthday cake in Gurgaon is designed in the form of Dora, who’s a favorite amongst many kids and a child who’s a Dora fan would love to have this cake one’s birthday. Dora the Explorer – is set to travel the world with you. Girl’s and boys both alike like Dora.   If the size of the cake is decent then Dora’s other friends like Boots, Benny the Bull, Alicia etc can also be drawn on the cake.

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