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Our cake shop in Gurgaon exclusively makes this sumptuous caramel chocolate cake. The cake is a confluence of dark truffle with mild sweet filling along with glazed nuts in and outside both so as to classify as a Fudgy Cake. A classic cake with an imposing luscious caramel coating. The cake is a natural rejuvenation for a lull day.

Origin: The word caramel traces its origin to the Spanish word "caramelo" in the 18th century. Although caramel short cake originated in Scotland. The cake's not directly originated from caramel but naturally inspired from it. The moist, glazed cake has caramel flavored patterns and whipped frosting to appease to the taste buds.

Composition: Base of the cake is in chocolate. From the centre of the cake the sponge is scooped out to make way for the sumptuous filling of caramel, almond flakes and caramelized nuts. Further  the cake is draped in dark chocolate and then caramel filling is allowed to drizzle on all sides of the cake. The cake's further adorned by placing roasted almond flakes on the sides.

 A jovial and delightful manifestation of the state of mind. The rich taste will gel well with lots of sweetness and respect for the loved ones. Order online from our bakery shop.

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