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This nice insane cake is a non bake decadent dessert and is ideal for the majestic parties to be commemorated.

Origin:Recipes of cheese cake were first found in Ancient Greece. All these were baked cheese cakes then and the taste was primitive. Gradually over the course of the 18th century eggs were introduced in the recipe and yeast’s use was withdrawn. The taste became more palatable and enjoyable. In the late 19th century Americans introduced us to cream cheese which facilitated the production of non baked cheese cakes. Now cheese cakes are made both in baked and non baked form. Our Cake Shop makes one of the most delectable ones.

Composition:The cheese cake’s main constituent is Mascarpone cheese. The cheese is swirled in chocolate truffle and depending on the type mixed in veg/non veg gelatin to coagulate the icing. Base of the cake can vary from plain sponge, mc vities to Oreo. In this cake we use chocolate sponge as the base. Chocolate ganache is drizzled from the container to condense on the surface. The cake can be further embellished with chocolates, fruits etc.

Truffle cheese cake is a sheer appeasement. This dessert is served exquisitely and is a true childhood favorite. The cakes literally swathed in mascarpone cheese and tastes authentic.

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