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It's time to spice things up a little. You will get impressed when you eat it because the soft sponge will melt with the cream just to make the cake toothsome. There are dollops of chocolate ganache scooped on the surface of the cake and also on the sides to make a fountain like pattern.

Origin: The cake is inspired from Icebox cake which is an American pudding. Unlike the latter which is made in combination of whipped cream and chocolate wafers the former is a classic sponge cake. Typical Ice Box cake is made in a glass, made of Graham crackers, chocolate stuffing and swirled in beaten cream.

Composition: The base of the cake is vanilla; the layering is greased with decadent chocolate ganache in combination with choco chips. The cake's embraced with opulent icing and scooped on the sides for the chocolate frosting to settle in. Tiny glazed drops of chocolate are placed on the top of the cake so as to give an appropriate finish to the cakes. The cake can be adorned with additional garnishing. The cake sells well as chocolate cake in Gurgaon.

This beautiful ripple cake will satisfy the palate every time. It's a decadent combination of soft and dark chocolate with crispy chips.

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