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As the name suggests the cake is a mix of a typical tutti frutti cassata and chocolate cake. The cake is a subtle combination of frosted cream, dark chocolate and candied fruit. The urge of having tutti fruit with dry fruits and truffle ganache lays the base for an enriching experience.

Origin: Cassata is a traditional sweet from Sicily Italy. It's a sponge cake damped with fruit juices/liqueur and layered with candied fruit. It is believed to have originated in the 10th century. Apart from cakes its application is also found in ice cream especially in India it's very popular.

Composition: A divine cake with the finest ingredients. The layering is done with frosted cream in combination with candied fruit then the cake is wrapped in chocolate truffle and allowed to lay for sometime in the fridge. After that with the help of a palette knife a symmetrical pattern is scooped on the cake. Finally chopped candied fruit, roasted almond flakes/cashew are copiously sprinkled on the cake.The cake's crafted to give a spicy as well as a smooth taste with every bite. Culminate your Italian treat on a sugary note with the Cassata cake from our Cake Shop in the city.

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