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Chocolate Blaster as the name suggests is a mix of lusty truffle with moist vanilla sponge. The cake's further garnished with copious servings of chocolate flakes...One of our best chocolate vanilla dessert cakes. The combination is absolutely mouth watering.

Origin:Not sure when this cake would have originated but can with reasonable confidence credit the cake to the chefs at our Cake Shop in Gurgaon. Ever since the cake was introduced it has been a runaway success. Since the cake has moderate cream and made in combination with dark and soft chocolate it offers an enriching experience to the customers.

Composition:Base of the cake is in vanilla. Sponge used is fluffy and moist. Truffle is spread in both the layers and the cake is covered with cream. Also copious serving of flakes is trickled on the top and sides of the cake. The crunchiness of the flakes boosts the flavor further.The cake has a remarkable taste and goes well with all occasions

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