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Chocolate Almond Flakes is a combination of almond, caramelized butterscotch nuts and grated chocolate. On the sides it has copious servings of chocolate vermicelli. A truly unique experience. The cake's rich in chocolate and almonds. A pleasant surprise for your loved ones with this unique cake. The surprise can be planned at the dear ones doorsteps by online delivery also. If you want to order this Chocolate cake in Gurgaon then do order it from our bakery.


The cake owes no allegiance to specific place/event but to an eclectic mix of flavors like truffle, chocolate, flakes, butterscotch, almond etc. The chocolate flakes present in the cake provide a crunchy and crusty flavor to it.


The cake is not too heavy but still delectable. The subtle chemistry between chocolate and almond makes the taste and cake both lethal. Base of the cake is chocolate and is filled with whisked non dairy cream and the top is conveniently partitioned in three parts comprising roasted almond flakes, treated sugar cashew nuts and chocolate flakes. 

The sliced toasted almonds on the top add a significant touch and crunch to the cake. Sounds tasty....

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