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Chocolate Vanilla Cake is a subtle soft chocolate dessert. The dessert is layered with flavored chips to boost the taste. Chocolate and vanilla are eternal companions as their combination is lethal . A single bite can make you go weak on your knees.

Origin:This cake cannot be directly attributed to any particular instance/place of origins. But this cake can be ordered exclusively at our Cake Shop in Gurgaon. These birthday cakes can be ordered over the phone or also online.

Composition:Choco Vanilla's base is in vanilla. It's layered with truffle and chocolate cream alternatively. The cake's then covered with frosted cream and smoothen with cake comb. Next on the side of the cake molten chocolate truffle is dropped in a symmetrical pattern and on the other side truffle is sprinkled in a curvy manner. On the top and sides garnishing is placed along with a red cherry.

Scoop in to the divine treat made up of vanilla and chocolate. Layer of lush chocolate with whisked cream pulls the trick. The cake has moderate cream used optimally with truffle ganache.

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