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Is rich, devilish and delicious. Quite an indulgence for a sweet tooth.  One of the best for chocolate sweethearts. The cake will certainly look amazing on the serving table and is sure to leave an everlasting taste. Ultimate mud cake that's perfect for birthdays, celebrations or other events. A mud cake trickling with chocolaty righteousness and topped with glazed chocolate ganache.

Origin: The mud cake is likely to have originated in US State of Mississippi. It's famous for containing gooey chocolate dressing on top. It's a dense cake and resembles a dome shaped mountain.

Composition: The base of the cake is chocolate and only chocolate. There are 2 layerings in the cake which are filled with fresh truffle ganache. The cake's then spread with chocolate filling on the top to give it a dome shape finish. The cakes concluded with molten chocolate poured evenly all over the cake and allowed to set in the fridge for some time. It's one of the rare Chocolate Cakes made only at our cake shop. The cake is available in both egg and eggless flavor.

An ideal showstopper for any event. With its sleek and glazed finish will definitely spellbound the audience. This chocolate cake is the perfect love treat for cake connoisseur's..

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