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Recipe of a Perfect Wedding Cake!

9 Jul2019
Recipe of a Perfect Wedding Cake!

Apart from choosing a wedding dress, the wedding cake is the second most important thing to be taken care of a wedding. There is a reason why wedding cakes are placed in the center of the reception hall. It is done so that guests can have a good look at the cake and admire it. According to makers of designer cakes Gurgaon, a perfect wedding cake is the one which is remembered by the guest long after the wedding.

We have come up with a list of some to do’s which can make you land on your perfect wedding cake.

1. Be an early bird! According to vendors of online cake shops in Gurgaon, the wedding cake is something which should be selected and finalized well in advance. On days near the wedding, you will be tied up with a hundred other things that have to be taken care of. You will not get sufficient time to hunt the most beautiful and innovative wedding cake for your wedding.

2. Design of the cake! According to experts of wedding and anniversary cakes Gurgaon a perfect wedding cake is the one which not only seamlessly merges with the wedding theme but it also depicts the personality of the couple. Gone are the days where traditional three-tier cakes were considered to be the best for the wedding. Not couples have a plethora of varieties to choose from. Wedding cakes can have the pale green of light ink ribbons flowing from it or a cascade of red roses hanging all over it.

3. Depict the couple! An elegant vanilla three tier cake is good for an elegant couple. But a couple who are more fun-loving and adventurous have ample room for innovation. They can get a giant cake arranged by cupcakes of different flavors so that guests get to taste many flavors in the same wedding.

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