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Selection of a Special Birthday Cake for the Special Birthday Party!

12 Nov2019
Selection of a Special Birthday Cake for the Special Birthday Party!

The entry of cake with happy birthday messages and candles on the top and every person sighing while looking at the cake is the signature moment of any birthday party. Whether it is an adult or a kid everyone is as excited about their birthday cake as they are about the birthday party, birthday gift or the birthday dress. According to specialists of birthday cakes Gurgaon, selecting a birthday cake for special someone is an important task which when done rightly can increase the happiness quotient of the occasion by many folds.

The shape of the cake!
According to experts of designer cakes Gurgaon, gone are the times when regular circle, square or tiered cakes were the choice of cakes available to the people. Now the bakers are not only coming up with fresh baking ideas but also offering new, creative and unique cake designs to their clients. Many online cake shops in Gurgaon are also offering personalized cakes based on the personality, likes, and profession of the birthday boy or girl. You will also get a plethora of amazing cake designs for kid’s cakes also.

Many bakers have started offering theme based cakes. For example, if you are a hockey fan then there can be a hockey rink, hockey players, hockey bat and a ball placed on the cake.

Specialists of kids cake Gurgaon further tell that kids usually like three-dimensional cakes in the shape of a train, Barbie doll with extravagant dress decorated with flowers or their favorite superhero or cartoon character.

Bakers further tell that vertically tiered cakes are also being replaced by tier being arranged lopsided in a whimsical way. This pattern is usually seen when cube-shaped cakes with colorful ribbons representing gift boxes are arranged in a whimsical way.

Bakers have also started experimenting with flavors to offer new and fresh flavors to their clients.

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