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Online Cake Service Vs. Local Bakers!

22 Jul2019
Online Cake Service Vs. Local Bakers!

With online shopping making a significant place in the hearts and the minds of the people, it has become quite tough for the local vendors with brick and mortar shops to beat the competition and sustain in the business. Same has been the case in online cake service and local bakers. Both of them have their own pros and cons.

We decided to ponder on various aspects of both the sellers and come up with a comparison for easy selection.

1. According to vendors of online cake shops in Gurgaon it is much easy for an online vendor to display everything they have got to offer. They just have to display the pictures with explanation of the flavor on their website. Viewers view the pictures and select what they like. For a local baker it is not easy to display everything on the shelves and selection based on reading the menu card can be tricky.

2. Another benefit of online baker over local baker is cake home delivery. Online cake delivery in Gurgaon is quite popular and not every local baker offers this facility to their clients. In order to attract new customers online bakers even offer free of cost midnight home delivery or flower or chocolate bouquets along with cakes on special requests.

3. According to makers of designer cakes Gurgaon, online bakeries usually lack that human touch which local bakers have. Cake comes under fragile item and any damage to your cake during transportation is not the responsibility of the baker. An online baker will never consider replacement or refund request from their clients. On the other hand local bakers usually have clients which they know by their face, to whom they have been talking and often consider their requests of mending or replacing the cake.

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