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Five Amazing Ideas for Birthday Cakes!

10 Oct2019
Five Amazing Ideas for Birthday Cakes!

It is the time of the year when the birthday of your kids is round the corner. It is the time when wheels of your mind churn at a much higher speed than usual. It is understandable as so many preparations have to be done. Gifts have to be bought, packed and hide for surprising the kids. The birthday party has to be planned. The guest list has to be prepared. Invitations have to be sent. Return gifts for other kids have to be selected. Venue and the menu of the party have to be decided. And on top of all, a birthday cake has to be selected which is not only as per the likes and taste of the birthday boy or the girl but should be liked by the guest too.

No birthday party can ever be completed without a birthday cake. No matter how good a venue, menu, and decoration are, your guest will be disappointed if you don’t have the cake at the party. According to owners of cake shops in DLF phase 3 Gurgaon, most people attending the birthday party attend it to eat yummy cake which will be served at the party. When we adults go crazy with all the water in our mouth while looking at the cake, what can we expect from kids?

According to experts of birthday cakes in DLF Phase 1 Gurgaon, no amount of food and lullabies can lure kids better than a birthday cake. Keeping this thing in mind we have come up with five amazing birthday cakes ideas that can help you in the selection of the right cake as per the likes and taste of your kids.

1. Character cake! According to a bakery selling online cake in Gurgaon, if we do a survey then character cakes will top all the charts as a kid’s favorite. Childhood is the time when ideal worship is at its peak. A superman poster on the table of your young boy inspires him to be as strong and helpful as superman. A girl may dream of a new dress, glass shoes, carriage and prince’s ball like her favorite fairy tale Cinderella. According to a renowned bakery in DLF Gurgaon, birthdays are the perfect time to bring down the favorite character of your kids from their imagination to reality. You will get a plethora of character cake options such as superman, batman, Cinderella, frozen or any other in the reputed online bakery.

2. Sports cake! Like characters, kids and especially growing kids are fond of sports. If they are not idolizing a fiction character, they definitely idolize a sports person and like sports played by him or her. According to bakeries taking online cake orders in DLF Phase 3 Gurgaon, you can order the cake in the shape of a football, baseball, cricket bat and ball, sports car or any other sports which are liked by your kid. Bakers make the cake all the more interesting by adding things like nets, hoops, plastic figures representing spectators, bats, and balls. It can be a display of a match for their favorite sport. Depending on how much you want to spend on a cake there is no limit to innovation in a sports cake.

3. Animal cake! Another classic favorite in the world of kid’s birthday cake is animal figured cake. Childhood is the age when kids love going to the zoo and watch different animals with sheer amaze and excitement. It is the age when they adore their pets the most. If your kid has an adorable pet or he or she likes some animal then you can theme your cake based on that animal. Online bakers not only customize the cake in the shape of the animal but they can also prepare a caricature of your kid’s pet in the form of a cake. You can also get a zoo theme designed on the cake representing your day at the zoo with your kid.

4. Photo cake! If you have run out of ideas and have tried all the above ideas on some of the other birthdays of your kid then photo cake will definitely come to your rescue. Just select the most adorable photo of your kid or a family photo, take it to a local baker or mail to an online baker, and they will create an edible version of that photo on the cake. It will definitely be a very good way of rejoicing old memories.

5. Let them decorate their own cake! If you want to do something out of the box and add to the fun element of the birthday party then let the kids decorate their own cake. Prepare butter frosting in different colors, get ready some nozzles and piping bags and give a plain vanilla or chocolate cake to your kid. It will be a canvas for them on which they will paint their imagination using their creativity and butter frosting given by you.

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