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10 Ways to Celebrate the Real Cake Day!

15 Jul2019
10 Ways to Celebrate the Real Cake Day!

Cake! The word itself rings the bell and all our taste buds get active to savor something which we all love. Cakes have been a part of our civilization from times immemorial and it has unfailingly played its role in making us feel good, happy, comfortable and cozy as per our need. So this national cake day it is time to give payback to our most delectable delicacy. And the best way to celebrate cake day is to grab slices of freshly baked scrumptious cakes throughout the day.

National cake day announces the on-set of festivities and we cannot ask for more than the lingering taste of mouth-watering chocolate cakes, vanilla cakes, red velvet cakes or a fruit cakes. If you and your family are all set for fun with cakes on this national cake day then all you have to do is incorporate as many delicious cakes as you can in your entire day.

1. Coffee and cake date will make your day!


National cake day can be a perfect reason to plan a coffee and cake date with your best friend, lover, and partner or with the entire family. Even if you are not a coffee fan don’t miss the chance of grabbing a slice of the finest cake in the renowned coffee shop of the town. Just settle yourself in the bakery order finest fruit cake or a chocolate cake and something hot to drink along with it. Your day will be made and you will definitely not ask for more.

2. Bake a cake!


Being prepared for the national cake day will have its own set of perks and paybacks. Set yourself on the task of finding some of the most delicious cake recipes and bake them up on the cake day with a partner or alone. Hot chocolate fudge cake, chocolate cake with fluffy frosting, Texas sheet cake or Mocha cake with fluffy Meringue topping will make an excellent choice if you are a chocolate lover and want to turn your cake day into a chocolate cake day. A big helping of plain vanilla cake, fruit cake or soft and gooey red velvet cake are also some of the best choices for the cake to bake.

3. Buy a cake for yourself!


If you think you are not a fine baker and can make blunders rather than wonders then buying a cake is also not a bad option. After all, celebrating the spirit of cake day and pampering the cake lover inside you is important. You can order cake online and invite your friends, family, and neighbors for an impromptu celebration on the cake day.

4. Enroll in a cake baking class!


Cake day is yet to arrive and you have all the time in this world to prepare yourself for it. If you think you are not good and baking and don’t feel like buying the cake either, then why not learn how to bake the cake from experts. Enroll in some good and reputed cake baking classes and let the experts teach you how to bake a super looking and mouth-watering cake for the upcoming national cake day. Just learn how to bake the cake and surprise your friends and family on cake day celebrations.

5. Make afternoon tea as a cake treat!


Planning high tea gets together with some sandwiches, tea and of course the cake is also a very good idea. Since it is tea time you can go for plum cake, frost-free plain vanilla cake, sweet bread with fruity fillings, sugar-free cakes with maple syrup, chocolate pancake with honey, maple syrup or strawberry jam or any other tea time favorite cake.

6. Take care of people around you with a slice of cake!


A friend in need will ask nothing more than you popping to his or her house with a freshly baked cake and a listening ear. Venting their troubles out while devouring delicious cake will reduce their stress to nothing. Think who will benefit from you popping unannounced to their house and take the call to take care of the friend in need.

7. Plan the cakes which you would love to order, bake or eat in the future!


National cake day is the perfect day for hunting some of the most creative, innovative and delicious cakes online. Look for some yummy cake pictures online, download the images, make a scrapbook or add those cakes in your bucket list of cakes for your future celebrations. You can order or learn to bake similar cakes on your birthdays, anniversaries or any other occasion that calls for a celebration in the future.

8. Create fond memories!


If your parents have maintained an album for all the cakes you have cut since your childhood then cake day celebration is the perfect day to add more memories to that album. You also take pictures of various cakes you devour throughout the day and add those pictures to the same old album and continue with the tradition of creating and preserving the memories. Even if such an album does not exist, this cake day marks the beginning of a new cakelicious journey by creating one such album.

9. Book a cake tasting session!


Tasting wine, whiskey, and beer is so old school. Cake tasting is in thing for this tasting season. Book a cake tasting session and devour on all new flavors that the bakers have got to offer. I promise you will not regret any penny you are going to spend in this session. Especially if you are a chocolate lover you will be in for a treat as these sessions usually have some of the best chocolaty chocolate cakes.

10. Reach out for the best baker around you!


We all have someone in the family who bakes an amazing cake. It is the way their hands work on the batter that adds to the look, feel texture and taste of the cake. Reach out to them on this cake day and spend some amazing hours baking with them.

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