Anniversary Cakes

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  1. Ducklings Love
  2. Colours To Life
  3. Love Tree Cake Fondant
    Love Tree Cake
  4. True Smooch
  5. It's all Your's Fondant
    It's all Your's
  6. Crazy In Love Fondant
    Crazy In Love
  7. For the Beloved moment.....
  8. Proposal Cake Fondant
    Proposal Cake
  9. Love at Gym Cake Fondant
    Love at Gym Cake
  10. Bake some Love.... Fondant
    Bake some Love....
  11. Shopaholic's Mind Fondant
    Shopaholic's Mind
  12. Heineken Beer Mug Fondant
    Heineken Beer Mug
  13. Floral Anniversary
  14. Wedding Anniversary Cake Fondant
    Wedding Anniversary Cake
  15. Engagement Cake Fondant
    Engagement Cake
  16. Anniversary Charming Fondant
    Anniversary Charming
  17. Anniversary Ecstasy Fondant
    Anniversary Ecstasy
  18. Floral Coral Fondant
    Floral Coral
  19. Classic Anniversary Cake Fondant
    Classic Anniversary Cake
  20. Anniversary Fondant
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Ring in your anniversary with an Anniversary cake in Gurgaon

There’s no festivity without cakes. Select from the standard cakes like pineapple, chocolate, red velvet etc or from the contemporary cakes like fondant. So if your anniversary is coming anytime soon, order an anniversary cake in Gurgaon from us. We’ll not let you down; will even deliver it to you at midnight. It’ll be a freshly made cake of your choice delivered exclusively at your doorstep. If you wish to cut the cake at the stroke of midnight or surprise your folks with the desired cake then ordering online would be the best bet.

Anniversary Cakes in Gurgaon for the lovey dovey couples

We make anniversary cakes in Gurgaon in different shapes and sizes. There’s this heart-shaped one, then another one with a gym background, especially for couples who fell in love at the gym. Then there are cakes meant to be cut and celebrated at the coveted date and time. You can customize the message on the cake or add personal wordings on the cake like in the “smooch cake” which has a truffle base. Then there are many other kinds of anniversary cakes, like the one meant for a shopaholic wife or the classic anniversary cake, usually cut at silver jubilee celebration. Choices are a plenty, you just place the order with us and we’ll be more than happy to bake the chosen cake.