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A moist and decadent cake with a rich, lavish milk chocolate icing. This cake is super crazy and will sizzle the party. Adore the loved one with this show stopper delicacy.

Origin: The cake came in vogue as a fig cake. Additional ingredients include typical constituents like walnut, almonds, cinnamon, cloves etc. The cake’s common in Southern United States cuisine. The cake’s a regular at the Annual Fig Festival.

Composition:  If you want to celebrate the birthday party of your child, do not forget to order this sumptuous Cake from Tasty Tweets. The cake’s taste is gaining prominence gradually and should be amongst the best sellers very soon. At our bakery the cake’s made in combination with dark chocolate. Crushed and chopped anjeer adorn’s the cake till the last bite.

A chocoholic treat. If you have forgotten to buy the dry fruit then simply grate and sprinkle some fruit over   the cake.

Cake’s available both in egg and eggless. It’s fast becoming a trend to cut a cake on ever y occasion. Customers have become more demanding and require unique cakes to celebrate the occasions. The cakes should manifest nice taste and flavor.

If you love cakes Tasty Tweets is the right place to order cakes from. Our Cake Shop in Gurgaon offer’s an extensive range of chocolate cakes to choose from.

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