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Hii we are based out of Sector 31 Gurgaon. It’s a one stop shop offering products from Cakes, Snacks, Cookies and many more assortments. We extensively provide products across Gurgaon to Institutions and residences both. It's all for the cherished moment called CELEBRATION that we'll be more than HAPPY to be part of…

Our Featured Products

  1. Royal Black Forest
    Royal Black Forest
  2. Chocolate Velvet
    Chocolate Velvet
  3. Nutty Fruit
    Nutty Fruit
  4. Black Forest
    Black Forest
  5. Crazy Butterscotch
    Crazy Butterscotch
  6. Rainbow Cake
    Rainbow Cake
  7. Chocolate Insane
    Chocolate Insane
  8. Chocolate Nova
    Chocolate Nova
  9. Insane Love
    Insane Love
  11. Chocolate Truffle
    Chocolate Truffle

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